Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Today is day 15 of my year of life experiments.

Inertia: the tendency of matter or an object to remain in its current state of rest or motion unless acted upon by an outside force (paraphrased from class notes*).

For the life experimenter there are pros and cons to both staying at rest and staying in motion.

It is one thing to choose life experiments as a process for finding one’s true calling. It takes more than choosing to actually do the experiments. The cost in effort to move into doing experiments can be fairly expensive in terms of time, energy, esteem and credibility.

Once in motion, working on a particular experimental area, the spent-cost investment to overcome the inertia of rest to be in motion can become a barrier to dropping an experiment that isn’t working. The illusion of “doing” that the momentum generates can become as difficult a state of inertia to overcome as being at rest was in the beginning.

Note: I found all dictionary definitions of inertia to be lopsided and restrictive so I have paraphrased the explanation in my notes* from Dr. Dan Fleisch, Ph.D., 2004.

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