Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It’s mid-year; do you know how your goals are working out?

Remember all those New Year’s lists of resolutions, goals and accomplishments that got written down or maybe posted so bravely in January? How are things working out so far?

If you’re like the average New Year’s list maker, you probably have no idea. Even worse than that, you probably can’t remember making a list of things to change or achieve in 2010.

The bad news is that half the year is nearly gone and you’ve barely scratched the surface (if that). The good news is that there are still six months left to dig in and work on those lists.

The second half of the year doesn’t officially start for another week. So between now and July 2, dig up your list, figure out what you’ve worked on and what you still need to accomplish by Dec 31.

Then, figure out how you’re going to catch-up or prioritize your lists to get the important thing or things done. Bonus: post your review and plan somewhere to keep you accountable.

Okay, that was a homework assignment. Go home and work on it.

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