Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How is this a gift?

When times or circumstances are tough the typical response from outsiders and observers runs along the lines of:

It will make you stronger…

Or, there must be some lesson for you….

Or, the especially devious, you must have to make up for some shortcoming…

Lately a new idea circulating is to look at the situation not just as a loss but maybe there is a gain. That idea has some merit but it is difficult to look through or past the pain of the loss to find the gain at least too close to the losses.

But over the past few days a different idea has been poking at my thoughts. What if this time is a gift?

Time being the gift.

Can we graciously accept and use the time as something intended to bring joy and pleasure to life? If someone gave us a gift wrapped in a box with a bow we would rip it open anxious to see the contents. And once seeing it we would take it out, show it off, and start enjoying it right away.

But instead, mostly by default, we dribble the time away by worrying…about things we have no control over; but it feels like we should have control over.

What are you going to do with your gift of time? How will you spend and invest it to enhance your life instead of framing it as an issue for guilt or, worse, discontent? It’s mostly about the choice.

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