Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How much is a paid-for car costing to drive?

Maybe you read Tammy Strobel's story yesterday about giving away her stuff? Okay, some of it was sold but a lot of it she and her husband gave away.

Over the past year I have posted occasionally about
downsizing to a one bedroom apartment, using my bike whenever possible, and cooking my own convenience foods from scratch.

While I haven't posted here about it I have been considering whether I could manage without a car for at least a while. One issue is that there is not public transit in the area but there are some small taxi services and really I am close to most of the places I need to go to take care of my personal affairs and business stuff.

But for what it would save on insuring and feeding the car I think I could get basic internet at home and pay for the truly unavoidable rides plus the cash from the sale would boost my emergency fund. This is still in the research and decision process but more and more it seems to make sense for the short-term.

If anybody has given up owning a private car; share how you came to a decision and how it worked out for you.

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