Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Meme: Love Writing

I was tagged by Sylvia at Sylvia's Insight a few days ago for a meme on "What kind of writing do I love?" I had a deadline pending first and then I needed to stall; um, I mean think it over before answering. I really hadn't thought about loving a kind of writing (as the writer not the reader). I have tended to put it in such terms as knowing what I am better at writing and what I am comfortable writing. That said; I find that I tend to stick close to nonfiction since my early foundation was in beginning journalism. Doing journalism meant stick to the facts, line up your sources and attribute everything; so feelings were excluded.

Currently I feel caught between two boats that are drifting apart. I feel I am moving out of the strict non-nonsense journalistic style and moving into a more narrative treatment of the subject's experience. I think the transition is going to eventually situate my writing within an audience group, but it still feels like I'm breaking the rules of writing, i.e. journalism (and I realize it is changing, too). I hope someday to be able to tell someone's story in a way that others can see how they have made sense out of their experience.

Along a related area, I also like to write essays about what I have learned about. I once read an obituary for former university professor and author Robert H. Gannon, Ph.D. (2003) in which he was remembered as telling his students they should carefully hone their writing skills and then use their craft to learn about the world (not a direct quote).

I think a big influence on my writing has been the practice of journaling. Not only do I write more and think more about writing since I started journaling, but I have started feeling freer about the topics I write about at the heart-level. I think blogging has had a similar influence. As a result I think my writing voice is finally starting to sound like a person instead of computer-generated speech.

And there you have it: the curious, the wonderful and even the weird. So I am tagging two more: Paul over at My Quill Pen, and Michelle at Scribbit.


scribbit said...

Why thank you for thinking of me, and if it's one thing I love, it's talking about writing. Though I'm a bit more limited: my favorite is by far fiction. In fact, I actually just did a post on that (coincidentally) about my favorite author, Wallace Stegner, whom I would give anything to write like. Sigh. Here's the permalink:

But maybe I'll have to try and tackle the subject again soon.

G's Cottage said...

Stegner is definitely going on my to read list.

sylvia c. said...

Hey Deb,

I enjoyed reading your response. I am glad you thought this one over. It seems to have been a good experience to reconsider the question.

Hope you have a great day!


Sylvia C.