Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Thinking Blogger - and other updates

I want to publicly thank Sylvia at Sylvia's Insight for honoring me as one of her Thinking Blogger (launched by Ilker at the thinking blog) awardees. The unfortunate part is that I am rather new in blog circles and have been slower than the average to add new reads so most of my regulars have either already received this or I just meme-tagged them last week. So what that means is that it will take a while to get around to passing it on; and warning, you might get tagged again. I already emailed Sylvia about this and that I didn't feel I could post the icon until I fulfilled the rules the originator established.

On other fronts, April was a real slacker month for posting - sheesh. While it's true that working on the column took a lot of my discretionary time and energy that I might have invested in blog posts, it is also true that any additional posts would have been more ruminatings about the column issues. I don't think that would have been terribly worthwhile reading even if it served to diffuse the anxiety levels for me.

Another project that has been running in the background is the room makeover into a home office/studio. I am proud to say that the room is now half painted and should get finished today. The furniture won't get moved until later since our youngest is graduating from university this weekend and company needs to use the room.

The last item is about the NewsU course I have been working through on reporting and beat. Doing this online course has had an unexpected outcome in that I have started thinking about talking to the paper about maybe taking the column back. I know that sounds crazy. But what I'm picking up from the course material is that the stuff I encountered is typical where the new reporter is new to the area or the territory is new and there is no predecessor to debrief. In my case I had both issues merging. I have not made a decision about this, for the moment it is a posssibility. But possibilities are good things to have.


scribbit said...

Well congratulations!

G's Cottage said...

Thank you. Nice to have you stop by.