Saturday, July 21, 2007

Poll: Junk Drawer Contents

Typical Junk DrawerHere in the States we pride ourselves on individuality. However, there is this serendipitous element that seems to run across the social-economic grain as well as from coast-to-coast. We refer to it as "The Junk Drawer." Whether this phenomenon is found in other countries or cultures is another question for another poll; but for the sake of this poll we'll assume that junk drawers could exist worldwide.

Have you ever wondered how the trend started? Have kitchens, the usual place to find them, always have a catch-all drawer? Was this element developed as the brain child of some long-forgotten kitchen designer, or as a cruel practical joke assimilated by our unenlightened ancestors? Probably we'll never know the answers to those questions and it's a trend we're not likely to see the demise of any time soon.

So how would you rate your junk drawer; is it for public viewing, is it under lock and key, or have you seen the insides recently? In this post and in the sidebar I have a poll on junk drawers that will be open until Tuesday, July 24, 2007 at 11:59 p.m. EDT. So read the choices and vote in poll. If the poll isn't working I have labeled the choices in the post so leave your vote as a comment and it will still count.

What is the condition of your junk drawer?

_ (a) Can't get it open.

_ (b) Afraid to open it.

_ (c) Dump it once a year.

_ (d) Cleaned last week.

_ (e) Always organized.

_ (f) What junk drawer?

Don't forget to vote or comment before Tuesday night.

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Shelby said...

I have so enjoyed reading through your blog tonight.

my junk drawer is: (b) afraid to open it

take care :)

Shelby said...

(Ok - now who is Sam Walter Foss?)Thanks for visiting my blog too!

I really do appreciate your comments. My last semester of law school was over a few weeks ago (the first year). My grades were somewhere between great and good by the end of this year - but the first semester was a bomb in one course. That, unfortunately, kept my grade point average slightly below the threshold required to stay in the program.

Anyway, I had to drop out.

This fall (next month), I'm hoping to start an MA in history. It's a 30 hour degree plan, and my plan is to excel as best I can and then try to re-enroll in law after a year.

Haven't lost the dream, just on a commercial break hopfeully. It's been quite disappointing, but I think I'm on the upside of it. It makes me feel better to say that.

I wish you a very happy Sunday and I'll be back here soon..

G's Cottage said...

Shelby, I answered this in your comments since your email isn't revealed. I thought you would find it faster.

Shelby said...

thank you so much - I enjoyed finding out about this man. I really am intrigued with his writing.

hope your day today was super :)