Saturday, December 8, 2007

Christmas Memories: the games we played

BoobyTrap gameI have been feeling nostalgic lately about Christmas. So I have decided to do a few posts over the next few weeks on things I remember about Christmases past.

Today's installment is about games I remember either getting or playing at Christmas. Some of these the younger readers may not have played or even heard of but I remember most of them fondly.

The photo is of the 1965 version of Parker Brothers Booby-Trap. We played this at a party recently and went in search of one on the Internet. We hit pay dirt, seriously. We saw offerings for this game or parts of it ranging from $0.99 to $25.00. We won this for less than $8 plus shipping on eBay and it is in mint condition. There are not even fingerprints on the varnish. Of course that means that the original owner rarely played with it and that is very sad.

Playing this game again was a reminder of all the hours we used to spend playing board games as kids and with our own children. Here's my list of games from the past, in no particular order:

1) Booby-Trap - Parker Brothers

2) Scrabble - Selchow & Righter

3) Checkers - (made by several companies but I remember Halsam American Plastic best)

4) Clue (original with the tiny gun and handcuffs) - Parker Brothers

5) The Game of Life (Art Linkletter version) - Milton Bradley

6) Sorry - Parker Brothers

7) Mousetrap - Ideal

8) Concentration (yes based on TV but still good) - Milton Bradley

9) Monopoly - Parker Brothers

10) Battleship (non-electric; okay it was my brother's) - Milton Bradley

So what are some games you remember?

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Mrs_Scotsman said...

Candy Land

Shoots and Ladder


Pieces of Me said...

I loved playing 'Clue" as a youngster. that and Mastermind were some of my favorites.