Thursday, January 10, 2008

2008 Outlook: focusing

Finally, this is my 2008 Outlook. I have four areas of focus for this year: writing and work, personal relationships, general finances, and fitness and well-being. In the past this was organized differently but that model made it difficult to evaluate which items were “moving” and which weren’t getting any attention at all.

I have been thinking about Christine Kane’s design of be-do-have and that flows with my own direction so I am borrowing it for my new goals design. Each of the four areas above has action items that correspond to be and do and have which are listed below.


  • To be happy
  • To be present and in the present
  • To be friendlier
  • To be fit and well and more relaxed
  • To be more comfortable with wealth and money
  • To be inspiring


  • To do more writing for a living as well as personal satisfaction
  • To do a regular women’s activity
  • To do more walking and biking
  • To take a workshop
  • To lead/teach a workshop
  • To launch writing-based business


  • To have local friends and mentors as well as online
  • To have a professional blog or online column
  • To have an increased cashflow
  • To have an IRA
  • To have other writing work and clients
  • To have a mentee

Each of these has a more detailed action design which I am not sharing online to the entire Internet universe. My long-term readers are welcome to inquire about this by using the email address in my profile. However, as I work through things over the coming year I expect to write about some of these and details will likely be part of those discussions.

Since it seems that I am one of the last bloggers in the universe to post my goals or resolutions it is probably pointless to ask about others. Feel free, however, to leave a comment on my list or your experience using be-do-have if you’re familiar with the model.

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AuthorMomWithDogs said...

I also like Christine Kane. As well, I find this process very valuable.

G's Cottage said...

Focusing on "be" lately has helped keep things in better perspective.